Amazon Announces GameOn API


May 13, 2013
Amazon has announced a new set of APIs built on the AWS cloud infrastructure. The new APIs gives tools for developers to allow players to compete for real-world prizes fulfilled by Amazon, or other in-game rewards. The API works on any operating system, and brings easy creation of competitions, as well as user-generated competitions and leaderboards.

Very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how or if this gets implimented at all, and in what sorts of games. Maybe one day we can have a [H] giveaway and leaderboard for Hunt Showdown.

GameOn allows you to award digital and real-world prizes to players while retaining complete control over the prize type, value, and quantity. Digital prizes include in-game items, often selected from your catalog of items available for purchase. Real-world prizes are physical items and awards, which can be anything sold or fulfilled by
"Engage you players with competitions." - I am going to suggest that this tag line was not run by North American marketing team before it went live.

- that being said.... might be interesting. especially as "e-sports' are really taking off now.
It had better be opt-in if they start adding this to games in quantity...