AM4, Mini-ITX & Dual-LAN


Limp Gawd
Nov 13, 2010
I am in the process of speccing out a small, high-density virtualisation and NAS server based around a mini-ITX motherboard. I would like to use something based around AM4 but I would also like dual NICs if possible. Does anyone here know of such a board which ticks all of these boxes?

Many thanks. :)
Nope, I don't believe there is such a thing. You'll need an ethernet PCIe add-in card.
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If your case can handle low profile expansion slot, there are tons of dual and quad NICs out there with good server chipsets.

This was how I got around finding the "perfect" small firewall board that doesn't exist. For me back in the day intel's Q77KB was almost it, but it has the worst bios implementation ever which barfs with server NICs, also no ECC even though you could use xeons with it. Did end up working out in a fanless case for places that only needed 2 ports though.

Many thanks for all of the replies. :) I ended up going with a Gigabyte H370N WiFi (won't be using the WiFi part, obviously) since it supports dual Intel NICs, It also supports dual M.2 SSDs, so I can boot from one and use the other as a cache drive.


Dongles are nice (I have one each for my laptop and workstation) but they are a little too CPU-intensive for my liking. This server will be multi-role, so the NICs will see a lot of traffic.
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Nothing dual nic when I looked last month. Pcie..
Would've been nice too.