Alienware vs. Dell XPS


Jun 28, 2005
Which PC is better, the Alienware PCs or the Dell XPS (performance, reliability, etc.)?
State your personal opinion.
Most people who buy those types of computers buy them for gaming. Alienware will sell you an AMD64 which is better for gaming. Dell only sells Intel. The Dell might be a little cheaper. I'd go with an Alienware AMD64 computer (one of the X2's if they have them).

Some people might come in here and give you grief about both of them. Don't listen to them. If you have the money to spend and want to buy a pre-built computer. More power to you :).
Hello: I have purchased two alienware computers in the past three years. My gaming box is a build that I have done with the scavengered parts of my original AW. My sons comp is an Intel based AW that is just two years old, the only thing Ive done to it is upgrade the GPU to a GeForce 6800 GT. With that in mind, my office is equipped with basic Dells, all the monitors at my house are Dells. Heres why I like AW.....
You can customize to a point with either Intel or AMD. (I have become a huge AMD convert).
The quality of the build is top notch, almost all retail parts. You get all the driver CDs and add-ons that you would get if you bought the stuff off the shelf.
As for both you get customer support. Standard replacement is 1 year.
AW does not use proprietary parts unless you get to the ALX brand (very expensive water cooled stuff.)
AW support is all local and they speak English, with a strong Cuban influence. I have always gotten a straight answer, not too much bullshit,although the waits can be ENORMOUS.
The biggest strong point of either is that they come ready to go. You can plop in your game and rock and roll.
Since AW is all common retail, they give you the original stock XP disc, it makes reformatting the HD a piece of cake. Also UPGRADE is simple and will not screw up the warranty if you ask nice.
for what its worth AW started out as a GAMER PC place and I think their heart is still there.
Right now I prefer to build my own stuff because I have the time and I enjoy it. Plus I know a bit more now than I did earlier. The hardware doesnt intimidate me like it used to.
If you want to know more PM me. I do have some stuff I dont like about the company that I can share. Im sure you can find someone who likes Dell just as well. I have nothing at all bad against them, ive just never had an XPS. Good luck. Bring your wallet. :cool: Oh yeah,reliable....yes very.My son games like a fool and his AW comp runs as tight as it did on day one.
Depends, Alienware has more options for diffrent hardware, Dell does not..........if you have 3 grand go to newegg, find out what you want, add up the prices, eaither build it yourself if you know how, or ask around local computer stores ask what they want for same spec rig........

Alienware is better tho~

now you wanna talk laptop, dell xps all the way~

Alienware gets my vote simply because they are building with the Athlon 64's. Right now a true gamer's pc *must* have this chip. Dell can't be taken seriously until they do simply because the P4's can't keep up with the Amd's.

Having said that, i'd owned quite a few dell's and loved everyone of them. Just not for gaming at the elite high end.
I have an Alienware Aurora 7500 and I am extremely impressed with the system. The customer support is top notch, build quality is excellent and if you catch them at the right time the rebates take a lot of the punch out of the price. When I bought I looked at Dell and Alienware and chose Alienware since I got more performance for my money. The company is not perfect, but has its heart in the right place and is willing to work to correct any problems or issues you have.
Service wise there is no comparison between the two companies. Alienware has by far the best service in the market. Back before I started building my own computers I bought an Alienware. I had one of the old IBM deskstar 75gxb hard drives that had a 30% failure rate. If you are comfortable with working on computers yourself Alienware will overnight the replacement part to you and allow you to do the work yourself. My new hard drive arrived the day after the old one failed.

I personally will never buy a Dell because of my experiences with them in a computer store that I worked for. If I every buy another computer it will be an Alienware.
I think Alienwares look and feel better, but then again I just don't think paying $4000 on a Dell would be a "smart" choice. However, the new Dell XPS has some sweet features, for example 2 500gb hard drives, dual 3.2ghz, unlocked for overclocking...!!!!, 24"LCD monitor, and an ATI x850XT. The config I saw was straight out of a magazine, and that was without any of the additional upgrades. The cost of that system was $4500, which is a lot.

Other notable computer config companies are Falcon Northwest and Voodoo PC.