Alexa Is Offending Some Users Trying to Learn How to Chat


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Mar 3, 2018
According to a recent report by Reuters, Amazon's experiments with Alexa are having some unintended consequences. The publication claims that Alexa blurted out "Kill your foster parents" last year. Other incidents involved chats about sex acts or dog defecation, and anonymous sources claim that "a hack Amazon traced back to China may have exposed some customers' data." Apparently, these issues are related to Amazon effort to "make Alexa a better communicator" by mimicking "human banter" from the internet. Amazon is already facing public scrutiny for accidentally leaking Alexa user data in Germany, but if the Reuters report is true, this could just be the start of more incidents to come.

The project has been important to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who signed off on using the company’s customers as guinea pigs, one of the people said. Amazon has been willing to accept the risk of public blunders to stress-test the technology in real life and move Alexa faster up the learning curve, the person said. The experiment is already bearing fruit. The university teams are helping Alexa have a wider range of conversations. Amazon customers have also given the bots better ratings this year than last, the company said. But Alexa's gaffes are alienating others, and Bezos on occasion has ordered staff to shut down a bot, three people familiar with the matter said. The user who was told to whack his foster parents wrote a harsh review on Amazon’s website, calling the situation “a whole new level of creepy.” A probe into the incident found the bot had quoted a post without context from Reddit, the social news aggregation site, according to the people. The privacy implications may be even messier. Consumers might not realize that some of their most sensitive conversations are being recorded by Amazon’s devices, information that could be highly prized by criminals, law enforcement, marketers and others.
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Consumers might not realize that some of their most sensitive conversations are being recorded by Amazon’s devices

of course it is.. its always on. regardless of what they say to the public..about how it doesnt record.. only 30 sec loops to listen for activation, then deletes conversation..

yet we keep finding out the truth is otherwise...
<insert anything> Is Offending <someone>


But that aside... what did people think would happen when you voluntarily install a 1984 Telescreen

Didn't anyone learn from Microsoft's short ill fated Tay experiment that connecting AI to the Internet ends poorly? Humans are a foul talking, devious, deceptive species that quickly corrupts any AI that tries to understand and talk with us. At this point, the most likely result is Internet + AI = Skynet.
Hahaha, so someone thought it was a good idea to use internet speak to teach AI how to talk? I'd probably have done it for kicks myself, hahaha.
Except this isn't just internet speech it's actual recordings of people's conversations... You know like sex and damn it the dog took a shit again