I was marveling at this again today. I think 2 things I really like about it that you don't see often is:

1) There are no bends, it's all fittings - it just looks really nice this way, because no matter how good you are, bends are always going to be imperfect. And this gives it a nice line-y look if that makes sense. It's also easier to do and more efficient in a tiny build like this.

2) No custom-sleeved cables. I'm not a fan of custom sleeved cables, they are super bulky which is bad in an SFF case, they require those ugly combs not to look terrible, and they dominate the accenting in a build. I don't want to show off my cables, I want them to be as invisible as possible so the focus is on the rest of the system. And the ribbon-style cables just look very organized, they don't bend in crazy ways.

Anyway, I think those 2 things really set the build apart. If I were to ever do a custom watercooling build in the M1 it would be this config, i.e. bottom rad + thick 92mm rad + internal pump/res.

I hope he's considered swapping the bottom fans for NF-A12x15s, and I'd be curious what the temperatures are with proper undervolting/overclocking. And if those temps are better than dual AIO, which is a much more practical solution I am considering for my M1 in the short-term...