Mar 3, 2021
I have a new computer case, but I have a problem with the fan connected above the HDD slot in the picture below. Do I need to put air in or out?
Will it affect the video card if it draws hot air from the HDD slot into the video card?
case is Thermaltake versa n24.


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I'd set it to pull in (up). But that's probably not going to be an important fan- it's not pulling anything fresh in.
I think that fan is wasting electricity and disturbing your clean air flow. Can you put it on the front blowing on the HDDs? Three in the front blowing in, two in the back blowing out. Best if the front fans have filters.
The GPU doesn't care, it's busy running at 75c+, the air inside is likely 35c, so it's got lots of cooling ability still.
According to the case specs there is a fresh air intake on the bottom of the case that is filtered. If so and its under the HD cage then you want it blowing up or into the case.

I am curious though how that compartment is handling the PSU heat. Half the bottom front fan is hitting that HD cage, is there an opening there or a sheet metal wall? I agree with travm that the updraft would likely disrupt the front fans from pushing air under the video card.