AI Creates a Deep Fake of Steve Buscemi's Face on Jennifer Lawrence's Body

Wasn't there a scene in Johnny Mnemonic where a guy faked being some other character talking through a holographic phone using his hand?
And all of those video surveillance networks cities have been busy installing have just been devalued.
You can tell its fake if you ask me. Of course, I knew it was fake going in... but the face put on top seems slightly angled.. looking at it straight on, it seems the left side is pushed back a little, like it was a flat plane, and someone just tipped it slightly. so his/her right side of the face seems pushed in.
^ True, but it does look more realistic (ie. uncanny valley) than say was done in Star Wars Rogue One for Tarkin and Princess Leia.
this is kinda scary tho, imagine what damage things like this can have. if it can be faked without anyone knowing it. u could literally make any public or private person say or do anything :p especially as things get more and more realistic over time.
Scary for so many reasons. Compression can be used so easily to make it difficult to tell where the fake begins and the real ends.
Oh man think of the potential.

But yes please, more of this.