After cutting the cord from DirectTV...

Apr 22, 2015
Should I get a DVR in order to record shows on regular TV and streaming channels?

I'm asking because I've always had cable, and after an increase of $100 on my DirectTV, I decided to cut the cord since I'm retired and don't want to spend that kind of money for DirectTV. Do they work like the one I currently have with DirectTV? Can I record shows in advance?
I use Sling (Orange & Blue Tier) 56.48 per month plus 5.65 per month for DVR plus which satisfies my cable fix. I use a Tablo Dual for local network television which is a DVR with auto commercial skip feature and can be played back on any TV in the house like Sling with their app. You pay 30 bucks a year for the guide data on the Tablo which makes recording very easy. I've tried a lot of services for streaming Sling is the best for price and performance/app IMHO and I've done the same with OTA DVRs I've tried Hauppauge PVR, HD HomeRun and Tablo is by far the best again IMHO.
Jump on Philo. Good channel selection, cheap, and has unlimited DVR. Get your networks OTA. Supplement with other streamers as needed.
I would say your best bet is to do the free trials on the streaming services you are looking at as most of them include a DVR service or a video on demand service
Plex is a good option for recording OTA. It costs $120 for the lifetime pass which unlocks recording though (and so much more)
I would second Plex, I have a friend who uses it and swears by it.