Advice needed for my dad's PC


Feb 16, 2013
Hey there,

I am helping my dad buil a computer. The fact is i know quiet alot about computers but mostly focussed on gaming, i have a feeling i might get to expensive parts for him.
I am mostly looking for a guideline on CPU and GPU.
His budget is around €1.000 in total (for everything, not just CPU and GPU).

He is using his computer for the following things:
Working with Windows 10
Using the Microsoft office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc
Working with the Adobe applications like Photoshop, Muse, Indesign etc.
Likes to make videos using Premiere from Adobe
Watch films on his computer (Netflix)
Wants to design website for business use.
Wants to create a website were people can follow courses, something like Studyflx of studyfy. So he does have a lot of content.
He likes to listen to music very much, his current PC is 10 years old so this really is not an issue.
He also works in Teams (business use). Having meetings, communicating with his students, sharing content.

Could anyone help me out here?

Your System Requirements are driven by Premiere Pro
I'd recommend to start:
Ryzen 3000 series, 3600 is a good starting point
16GB of RAM, 32Gb for 4k media

Spend as much as you can of your remaining budget on the GPU
GPU - See Recommended LIST
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He will need at least a 4gb nvidia card for full Netflix support. 1650 super is decent. if he intends more video editing a higher end card with 8gb might be better. Some programs need even more video card memory.

32gb of ram for 4K video editing, otherwise 16gb.

amd 3600 with b550 chipset. Get a 1tb nvme 3.0 hard drive.
4GB NV card for full Netflix support? I haven't really paid any attention to that since I have an old 1080p TV so I'm curious. Is that like max quality 4k streaming or something? Tons of compression so you need a GPU to decompress it or something like that? My Roku handles 1080p just fine... Also, why NV? Radeon is no good for Netflix? 1650 is not a lot of GPU, AMD has plenty of models that can outperform it.

I agree with the PCIe 3 NVMe drive. You can spend a ton of money to go faster, but for a 1000 Euro build the 2-2.5GB/s or so you get from a "normal" one should be just fine. I have a couple of 3-3.5GB/s ones and don't really notice much a a difference between them and the SATA SSDs in my old rig unless I'm doing a file copy or something else that's more or less entirely dependent on storage performance. I don't have anything really fancy, just a Western Digital Black for Windows and a Crucial P5 for CentOS Linux. Makes it easy to remember which OS is on which disk when poking around in the BIOS, etc. I think I might be just as happy with a WD Blue and a Crucial P2 given that I'd save a few bucks.

As for which proc... no idea. I just did a couple Intel non-gaming-rig builds due to price/perf since the AMD mainboards I would have used in an AMD build were out of stock at my usual places/hard to find elsewhere and the available suitable alternatives were a bunch more $. I'm not one to spend hours messing around looking for a slightly better deal. Newegg also managed to beat Microcenter on one. Microcenter generally has roughly even or better prices on the stuff they have, but the boards they had in stock with the features I wanted were overkill. The Ryzen 5000 series is nice but starting at $300 in the US (not sure on the price in Europe) and hard to get they may not be a good choice for a 1000 Euro build. At any rate things are a little messed up right now so when you're shopping for a proc, ram and board you have to look at the whole package after taking into account what you can actually get if you're picky about board features. All is well if you just want the basics.