Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2

Does the fixed Wattman issues fix the overclocking errors now?

I'm hoping the crazy sound profile is related to these wattman issues and the card can actually run at a comfortable noise level. Main reason why I haven't jumped on the VII train (and the lack of [H] review).
I've got it loaded and wattman still soft locks on me. I have not, however, had problems with 3000+ rpm fan speeds after undervolting it down to 950 and setting fans to auto.

Supposedly, the chill function and auto undervolt actually work. Though I have yet to try that.
I know that Radeon VII doesn't support crossfire but why do I have this option and why can I flip the switch to on? I just realized this but havn't tried it yet.
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It's probably unsupported as in they didn't disable it but if it doesn't work, too bad.
Another issue. Wattman will sometimes refuse to sense the fan speeds until I take it off manual settings and select one of the automatic options. Reboots do not resolve this either. Considering filing another bug report since like the first bug I've run into this one is also persistent.