Adidas4275's new living room theater build

Mad props, that looks like an awesome set up. Your house looks clean and lived in which is sweet.
Thanks, yeah I thought about recessing the PJ, the room is there in the ceiling..... The $4000 electric mounts that are recessed look ugly and would look worse than the PJ.

I have 10ft ceilings and i have had 3 people come in the front door, looking right at the PJ, and comment on how there is no TV in the living room (screen up). Since the casing is white and only hangs down about 1ft its not bad.... but I did think about it :D

How about the use of a chain drive garage door opener. The fixture can be mounted above the ceiling and the only thing that comes down is the platform and projector.
One hell of a setup. I'd love to have a place I could do that in, but until I get a real job I'm stuck at home (with the parents) and stuck with my small room setup. I like it, but doing all that home automation/home server stuff seems like fun. I love the shelf design where the projector goes, and I bet the wife does too.. no big stupid TV to ruin the decorating :D
so it looks like the next batch of ceton cards will have mine in it... from cannon PC. so that will be a new revolution in my HTPC.

that with the mymovies ipad app with play to features are the 2 major use case changes to our HTPC setup and home theater in years.

I added a 32gb Kingston SSD as an OS drive and a 1TB green for a TV recording drive and upgraded to a ATI 5570 card for full bitstreaming...... the SSD OS drive makes a huge difference in guide scrolling delay.

my setup for my HTPC still is not as bullet proof as i would like but there will alway be work to be done.

added 2x 2TB WD greens with a USB 3.0 dock to do weekly backups of my 600+ movie collection.

I am in wait and see mode for my WHS, it is currently running vial but with DE remove I am going to have to look else where for my storage pool

I was thinking making my server run Hyper V with 1 VM as WHS v2 for backups and DNS forwarding, 2nd VM as W7+ flexraid (dont know too much about flexraid but it seems like a good option), 3rd VM for torrent and a 4th VM for my HomeSeer server.

this would consolidate 2 servers (physical) in to 1 and all more sandboxing for my HomeSeer and torrent box

I was looking at the new line up of epson 1080p PJs but their price and lumens keeps me from ditching my 720 HC just yet. Probably this summer I will be upgrading.

In 2 weeks, after snowmobiling and snowboarding at Grand Targhee, I will be installing my home audio setup for complete home audio with an Elan 6 channel amp and a squeezebox duet and 10 in ceiling speaker, so that should be fun.

have a great Christmas and thanks for the continual feedback. After the Holidays I will update my pictures and add new ones.
lol, I was looking for something better...

right now I am using synctoy with echo

since my WHS backups up all my data and it is on multiple PCs and crashplan the only thing that is on 1 source is my movies.... so for now synctoy works well enough.
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I've been following your thread for a while. Great job on the cabinet, it looks really nice.

How are you liking your HomeSeer / Z-Wave setup? Would you recommend it to someone looking to get into HA? I just bought a house and am researching my options for whole house control, and eventually, automation. Have you had any issues with controlling lights and your thermostat, etc?

yeah got it about a month ago. I love it. I installed remote potato with it and being able to stream ESPNHD to my iPad at work is great!

not to meantion actually being able to watch/record Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs!!!

it worked great, i wanted to d oa self install from comcast, so i waited in a hour line at my local shop to get a M-Card and they gave me a S-Card. I didnt know until i got home... boo!

I called them and they scheduled a truck roll for the next week to bring me a M-card but the 2 times they came the tech didnt have a m-card! Pissed me off to no end. Finally i called their supervisor and he came out on a saturday and installed and paired my m-card to my Ceton. Everything has worked great since.


I love my z-wave/HS setup. The iPad and iPhone clients are great and require almost 0 setup to get working. I have had 1 light switch go out (1 of 24) in the year and a half that i have had them. They are all the GE branded switches. I have a Trane Z-wave Tstat and it works great.

I never turn any lights off with the switch. When the wife and I go to be i just pull out my iPhone and run an event for all lights off and that is it.

I even have an alarm that wakes us up, the bedroom light gradually turns on over a 30 min period of time and the heater comes on (in the winter)

I need to add my sprinklers, garage door, front door, outdoor lighting and motion sensors to my system before I am happy with it.

This last year has been crazy and so other than getting a Kinect my setup has stayed the same, we have traveled way too much. This summer we plan on staying home some more and finishing out backyard and installing my network rack in the office.
lol, i should, but it is still in the garage...

thanksgiving break it will be finally installed...

I have taken up flying multirotor RC VTOLs via FPV and doing some video work with them instead of working on my house :D

so everything is the way it was 6 months ago :D

soon.... i keep telling myself
man, i really need to update my thread and system...

crazy that it has basically stayed the same as since this thread....

I have been busy.

I got in to RC Helicopters.... and the multirotors and that lead down the path to flying a GoPro and doing some filming...

This is my first ever "production level" video with my multirotor helicopter....

It is a great hobby and I have used a lot of my skills from PC stuff in it.

Over the next year I can see how W8 and such will allow me to change how I interact with my content...

too bad WHS and WMC are not getting any love with the W8 stuff.

Anyways just wanted to let you guys know I am still around!
Just curious what methods did you use to fish your speaker wires across the ceiling? Snake and patch a hole? magnet?
i have attic space above the room and I just used a fish to run them up in the wall
man, my rack is still in my garage :(

hopefully ill get it installed soon.

Just too much other stuff keeping me busy (and the whole "if it isnt broke...."
finally made a change, my Elite Screen 100" Vmax2 had a gear die, and wouldnt raise or low. I ordered a Elite Screens 100 Inch 16:9 Spectrum Electric from amazon

$200 and their newer slow gearing I am sure will be more robust.

my screen is set to 12v trigger from my PJ

I also upgraded my Epson HC720 projector to the newer Epson Home Cinema 3500 which is a light cannon. And since my room is not light controlled by any means this was an awesome upgraded.

Ill post some pictures soon.

Also going to be installing 4 Apple TVs to replace my Logitech distributed audio setup soon

I was able to find used apple tv 3s for around $60 shipped, rather than airport expresses for $80+

I had some older TOSLINK to RCA converters lying around anyways and monoprices some 1' optical cables.

should work well using the apple TVs without a display.

non-home theater, but i treated myself to a LG 34um65 21:9 display and got ride of my 3x1080 samsung screens. I love the 21:9 for editing and such but much less clutter and desk space than 3 individual LCDs
Nice work on the build. I like the custom speaker enclosures. How the hell do you keep your garage that clean BTW?

I've got a cheap Acer projector and an Elite Screens 92" fixed screen in my garage that works great. I mainly use it for sports but the kids love watching movies out there.