Add a Third Radiator, What thickness to get(30, 45, 56 or 60mm)?


Jan 22, 2016
I have some extra room to add another radiator. I can have upto 60mm. It doesn't have to 60mm, I'm open to slimmer rads if they perform better.

These are the radiators I was looking at:

- Hardware Labs 240 GTS
- Hardware Labs SR-2 240
- XS-PC EX 240
- XS-PC RX 240
- AlphaCool ST30 240
- Alphacool XT45 240
- Alphacool UT60 240

Current hardware(In process of Upgrading):

Case: Case-Labs S8S
Motherboard: MSI Godlike
CPU: i7 5960x
Ram: 64 GB of Corsair Dominator platinum (2800) - XMP Enabled
OS & Processing Harddrives: 1TB SSD Samsung 850 Pro
Storage Drives: Western Digital Green 6 TB
2x Hardwarelabs 360 GTS
6x Gentle Typhoon (1850 RPM)
1x GPU 980 Ti (EK Block + Back Plate)
1x Raystorm Pro
1x Waterblock for my Fan Controller
1x Aquaero 6 XT
1x MCP 655 D5 Pump with Speed Control
1x 150ml AlphaCool Res
alot x Bitspower fittings
1x Bitspower Flow Meter (Basic Version)
2x Bitspower Temperature sensors
2x Distilled Water (1 Gallon)
1x DazMode Protector
1x 14 ft of PVC 3/8 x 5/8 Darkside UV Blue
10x Extension PWM fan cables
1x XSPC Raystorm Pro (Intel)
What is the total depth of the area available to you?
Black Ice Nemesis GTX in push/pull would be my suggestion.
Who says you have to run them on high with that radiator?
I did have some GTX, they had some very high FPI. I'm guessing they been revised?

I been using this as a reference.

I use those XSPC rads in my computers, they work well and aren't very thick.....about 30 mm if I recall.
They are also very reasonable in price.
I use them in a push only and they work well.
Nemesis GTX is not the same as GTX Gen2. Also, look at the push/pull 750 RPM Nemesis GTX results.