Adapter for cloning HDD to M.2 ??


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Jul 27, 2006

I'm a huge fan of Apricorn's ASW-USB3-25 (SATA to USB3) and AMSW-USB3 (mSATA to USB3) products that use a custom-branded version of HD Clone Pro called EZ Gig IV. It works great, simply, and easily!

Now, I am looking for a rock solid reliable USB 3.x tool for M.2 SSDs (multi-key?) as I am encountering more machines with M.2 slots. This would be handy for both cloning and mounting the SSD on computers that don't have M.2 (for backups and software-level repair). Recommendations?
from what i understand after trying to help another on here with the same question

you have to use either b-keyed or m+b keyed.

m-keyed m.2 ssds will not work in any adapters.
Someone just asked a similar question on reddit a few hours ago:

The answer was that it doesn't exist. The closest thing was a TB3 adapter that costs $800!

Your only other realistic option is just a PCIe adapter for a PCIe slot.
pci-e adapaters are cheap. linux will see the drives. I'd imagine gparted would work...