Adapter/Case For TS-L632 DVD Drive


Limp Gawd
Nov 13, 2010

I recently lifted one of these from an old Dell XPS M1210. I'd rather make use of it than let it go to landfill, but it appears to have some odd connector. Has anyone attached one of these to a PC in a "normal" way - i.e. USB or SATA?

Many thanks. :)
That appears to be just a regular laptop CD-ROM IDE connector. You can connect that via an adapter to IDE directly (most reliable and cheapest), but there appears to also be a USB adapter available: (IDE) (USB)

Cost of the IDE adapter with shipping is $1.70, but you should consider whether it makes sense to use that slimline drive, when you can get a used desktop DVD±RW drive that can burn disks with much better quality and at higher than 8x (which is max for slimline DVD±R burning) for about $4. TSSTcorp (Samsung/Toshiba) is the manufacturer of your slimline drive, and that's a pretty good brand for desktop drives as well in terms of burn quality. Models starting with TS or SH TSSTcorp made.