Acer xb271hu - pixel brightness "shimmer" - defect or normal?


Apr 1, 2010
When I turn on the monitor after it has been off for a while (1hr+) it has alternating levels of bright/dim in vertical bands. They disappear after the monitor has been on for some minutes (~5-10). The effect is more apparent at lower framerates (such as HotS being capped at 60 fps on title screen), but is still there at 144hz as well.

Example - initial "cold" turn on of monitor:

After ~30 minutes:

On the pixel inversion test ( it shows to the eye as alternating light and dark horizontal lines on the moving pattern - evenly spaced but very different looking than when the display has been on for a while (or the still image).

If this is normal for the xb271hu (and/or pg279q, xg2703-gs) It is otherwise an excellent monitor. I am worried it may be a hint that a component failure is imminent though.

Any advice appreciated,