Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Rig


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May 18, 1997
If you were looking for a really expensive "gaming chair," Acer has you covered with its Predator Thronos. Interestingly , he is playing a racing game in this chair and not using a steering wheel. Hmmmm. You guys ever play Afterburner back in the old arcade days?

Check out the video.
Loved Afterburner in the Arcade. I was a bit disappointed, with this video. Doesn't look like you can even hook up a wheel to that thing, or even a flight sim HOTAS. Do people really want to play kind of laying down? It kind of reminds me of the chair from the Incredible Hulk TV show that makes Banner into the Hulk. :)
Needs to include some bodily waste evac tubes.... and also a food and beer tube. Don't get those mixed up!

Or just one of these

Any ideas on pricing? 4k-5k? Sounds crazy, but if I could try one of these out I'd be really interested.. this and the MWE Emperor look comfy.
I think I'd swap out the 3 screens for one large curved one if possible. I'd hate to see the bezels between screens.
Kyle has reviewed several "average" chairs lately maybe he'll land one of these bad boys for a review soon. Couldn't hurt their publicity. Unless of course it's comfort, build quality, functionality, and overall value are not worth the asking price.

Plus,what does this thing arrive at your door looking like? Completely pre-built in a crate with white glove delivery service? If it's build-it-yourself and arrives in 2 plus boxes (not including attaching your own monitor(s) of course) that may be a tall task for the less mechanically inclined and at least a 2 part review series on Kyle's part ;)
I love all the visual effects trying to make it look more exciting than it is.

Also, who has space for this. I've got a 7m*5m man cave and no way would that fit in there.
This is so stupid. We all know this is stupid. And it's going to be stupidly expensive.


sigh, just take my money.

edit. if Kyle is reviewing chairs..
Unless there's some teflon coating on that bad boy, and some special fap-friendly features... it's not going to sell well.

If I was some lardo neckbeard who spent 11 of my 12 hours awake in a gaming chair, those are the features I'd be looking for.
Need lube dispenser and fleshlight mount for my masturbatorium and I'm sold.
Need lube dispenser and fleshlight mount for my masturbatorium and I'm sold.

Dude, don't forget Its still an Acer product.
Tilt the seat back, get the motion going. then fire comes up from under the seat :eek:
As usual marketing d-bags couldn't even bother with proper bezel management. Because you can spend $1000's on a fancy chair, but can't run your GPU!
This is going to be really expensive. I'd like to own one, but I wouldn't take any mortgage loan just to get it. Nice looking $20k chair tho.. (guesstimate)
It looks more comfortable than the MWE one....I would get one of these but I'll have to pass since my macaws would shit all over it.


The Acer version has very little padding. The MWE has far more padding and comes with an option for even better seating...

Not to mention the MWE has more configuration options. It completely rotates so you can be laying practically flat if you want.

Plus with MWE you can get the appropriate black and red color theme for extra [H] seating.
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All that and they couldn't even spring for surround sound? You could easily suspend some speakers from it and put a sub in the base for 7.1 or even 7.2 surround.

They build something like this and leave it half finished...
wow... I have the same exact setup just with a recliner, a side table and a 34" monitor on a swing arm. i cant imagine paying whatever that thing costs for it... when you can build your own out of a standard recliner