Acer Gives StarVR Three Months to Become Profitable


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Apr 10, 2003
Acer has allegedly given its high-end StarVR division an ultimatum to become profitable within three months or its operations will be terminated. Industry insiders say that the StarVR division will be sold to either China or a Japan-based enterprise. Acer holds a 63.25% stake in the company and Sweden-based game developer Starbreeze owns 33.18%. The new StarVR One HMDs just hit the market in August of this year and feature a high-speed optical tracking system.

StarVR started listing on Taiwan's emerging stock market on April 23, but was delisted on November 9. Acer pointed out that the delisting was a decision made after careful evaluation of the VR industry's status and the company's future development. Although the company may be disbanded after three months, all the employees in StarVR would be incorporated into Acer, the market watchers said.
Yeah... Good luck with that! May as well go ahead and sell. Even the top named brand VR sets aren't doing well.
It's probably the best VR headset in development, but with no announced price other than a minimum of $2000, I don't think that's going to happen. Meanwhile, the Pimax and Samsung Odyssey Plus are looking better and better.
Ruh roh.

Not available for purchase.
Costs too much.
Be profitable in three months.

It's dead.
Was it weight or just poor design that made it uncomfortable? You'd think they could make it more ergonomic easily enough.

sorry for delay, it pressed hard against my face and put weight on my nose. could probably be fixed with better head strap of some sort I guess, but not necessarily that easy... see: half the people bitching about Samsung Odyssey comfort