Jul 15, 2017
I acquired an used Acer GD245HQ bid screen. It's full HD and can run up to 120Hz.

When I first powered it on and plugged it to my computer, I noticed what seemed to be stain on the LCD panel, an area where the image was slightly darker around the middle of the screen. but it only seemed like a stain as it wasn't one, it completely disappeared if the pixels in the area were white, and cleaning the panel didn't remove it.

After rebooting the system, I noticed a stuck light blue pixel the dark area, I never had to deal with this, so I tried JScreenFix, a website that claims to fix stuck pixel. Well, I think it just killed the screen, after leaving JScreenFix for half an hour, powering off both computer and screen and then rebooting, the screen only displayed white.

Even if the computer isn't powered on, if I power on the screen, it will display a plain white screen for a few seconds and then go to sleep. If the computer is powered on, the screen stays on but it's still solid white.

I know for sure that the problem doesn't come from my computer's graphics card, as the screen still displays white even when the computer is off, and it works fine if I use another display.

I disassembled the screen to check if anything got damaged, but I didn't notice anything, there are no blown or damaged capacitors on the power supply board or the main board.

Is there anything I can try to fix this screen? Is it possible to know what part of the screen is dead, is it the main board, power supply or LCD panel?

Thank you and have a nice day.