Acer CG437K monitor or LG OLED TV?


Jul 9, 2020
Hi there

Thank you for allowing me to register on the forum.

I'm looking to upgrade my current monitor which is a Dell Ultrasharp UP3216Q 4K monitor and I own a PC with an AMD 3950X and Nvidia 2080Ti to run 4K games.

I don't wish to downsize as I find 27'' far too small and I'm no fan of ultrawides so my only two options so far are the Acer Predator CG7 monitor or buying a 48'' LG OLED TV with G-Sync however, I am aware that for 4K 120Hz, I would need a GPU that has HDMI 2.1 with the OLED TV.
I do however plan to upgrade to the Nvidia 3000 series when they are released but not day one.

I've never used a VA panel before only TN and IPS but have read and watched some reviews of the Acer Predator monitor and they say that the colours are great, panel doesn't have the same ghosting/smear issues that most VA panels do and that it would be good for both gaming and work due to the colour standards it has.
My Dell Ultrasharp certainly has image quality and colours down but lacks the 120hz and faster response time as well as HDR.

I know that both Asus monitors of this size exist but have BGR, does the Acer have this and if so is it as bad as the Asus monitors? I would be using ClearType on the monitor as I do already to help fix the blurry text and know that on the Level1Techs forum they had a fix for the Asus BGR layout problems.

I don't know a lot about OLED only of the benefits but not on PC other than requring HDMI 2.1. As of now, in the UK I can buy the Acer monitor for just over £1000 but the OLED TV is £1449 and would require a new GPU to properly function.

What would you recommend I go for out of the two? And are there any deal breakers with either that I should watch out for?

Thank you in advance.