AccuEQ/MCACC/Auto Receiver Calibration


Oct 8, 2010
I guess this is called something different depending on the brand. My old Pioneer called it MCACC, my new Onkyo calls it AccuEQ.

Anyways, in people's experience, is this worth doing? I just bought an Onkyo TX-NR676 and some Atmos speakers for a 5.1.2 setup, and I ran it three times and it gave me wildly different results each time, both with the crossover settings and the speaker distances:

1. The receiver menu specifically says to set the crossover for the front speakers to Full if they are tower speakers (which they are), but the auto setup always comes up with 40Hz instead. The center speaker will get either 60Hz or 90Hz, the Atmos speakers and the surround speakers will get either 100Hz or 120Hz. It's like it's random.

2. The speaker distances for left, right, surround, subwoofer are somewhat accurate, but the center speaker will get set to 2ft or 5ft or 10ft when it's really 15ft like the correctly-measured left and right, and the Atmos speakers always get set to 0.1ft which is... obviously wrong.

Am I better off foregoing this crap and accurately measuring and setting the speaker distances? How about Crossover, any way to figure out what that should be set to? I wouldn't care all that much except the Atmos content I've sampled so far has been thoroughly underwhelming, and I don't know if that's because it just sucks or because my calibration is wrong.
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