ABS computers


Jun 23, 2004
My friend is looking for a laptop and was considering this one:

from newegg. The specs look really nice, especially for the price. Our only qualm was that we weren't sure how great abs computers were at making laptops. If anybody knows about their reliability and could post in here, it'd be greatly appreciated.
check your link - gives me a bad link error from newegg.
Ok, look at the system itself and then do a search for do your own/build your own laptops on google. Then match the picture of the lappy with the manufacturer -
In general there are like 4 or so laptop makers - most all laptops are rebadges
Look at the original manufacturer's specs and then consider the laptop
Remember ABS is not a top tier - such as HP or Dell - and look for their customer service ratings (google again)
Best of luck
my computer was originally from abspc. It was good, but If I were you I'd get a gateway or emachine laptop. Much better quality.. is it for gaming or what? And also the reason for buying a laptop is mobility... getting a gaming laptop is a bit of an oxymoron because if you can't transport a 10lb laptop or if it gets too hot on your lap, it's a bit ridiculous.
You know I thought that the Newegg ABS deal was weird, but I did some quick research and I found out they are the same company. So I'm betting that the only place to get an ABS other than buyaps.com, is Newegg.

I have never had any personal experience with ABS, my current laptop is eMachines, and I personally won't go with them again. Support and service sucks,

Ironically, my eMachines has almost the exact same specs. 3200+, 512mb of RAM, 60gb HDD, the only difference is it has the ATI 9600 instead of the 9700. I paid $1299 (after a few rebates) and I bought it last July, so I don't think that's the greatest deal.....
I had an ABS PC and I must say that their tech support was actually pretty good. I got the parts when they said I would get them, they were responsive and very helpful. Granted this was about 4 years ago and things change over time. But from what I remember they were really good. Just do your homework and look at other peoples more recent experiences.
There is a new Gateway with an Turion and X700. Check bestbuy, on sale for 1399$ I think. Also depending on what it will be used for, DTR, ect... A dell 9300 is the best bang for your buck laptop for DTR with gamming in mind.