Abit Ic7


Jul 25, 2004
I need help!!! I have a Abit Ic7 With 2 80GB Hatiach Hard drives. When i try to overclock it won't regonize them. I am somewhat new to overclocking and have read different fourms with simular issues. What am i doing worng. Someone Help !!!
I'd check out the PCI/AGP bus ratio in the BIOS and make sure you "lock" it at 33/66Mhz.
The setting is under "Softmenu" and becomes avail when you change the FSB.

Mike G
Thx mike i tried it and i'm running at 3.2. But.... thats high as it will go what other settings do i need to change to get results of 3.4.
increase your vcore voltage. what kind of ram are you using, you may need to increase your vdimm or use a ram divider.