Abit AV8 Third Eye or Asus A8V DeLuxe


Dec 20, 2001
Abit AV8 Third Eye or Asus A8V DeLuxe what is your choice?
What is the best motherboard between this motherboards??


Nov 28, 2004
I've been looking at getting the third eye for a while....reviewers have been very happy with it, and, more importantly, there are more options in the bios. When I say this, yes, there are more OCing options, but there are also a lot of parameters that you can set so that if X happens, your computer shuts down, hopefully saving the computer. This is, obviously, a big deal if you leave your computer on for extended periods of time.

The Asus board, on the other hand, does have a bunch of neat features, like the ability to play music without having to get into the OS, which is cool, but just seems gimicky to me.
Dec 15, 2004
i just got the abit and its giving me nothing but problems. the overclocking features are almost too much. they get in the way of what it is supposed to do by trying to make it too easy. and on top of that it wont even remain stable at stock settings! i have to change many different settings to get any kind of stability.
Dec 8, 2004
i have 2 asus a8v deluxe rev 2 boards and they both oc to 270-275 stably. they are really well laid out and come with some great features so i would recomend it.
Sep 26, 2000
I disagree about the layout of the Asus A8V. I dislike that the 20-pin power connector is on the same leading edge of the motherboard as the IDE cables.

It makes for a system where all the power wires are running in the same space as the data cables to and from the drives (floppy, CD-RW and HD(SATA))

Aside from that though it's all good. Had no stability problems with the one I just built. Everything was running at stock though as it is for someone else.

Just make sure you're using the SATA drivers in the Via 4-in-1 directory from the Installation CD if you're using the black non-raid SATA connectors.

Apr 1, 2004
I'd say MSI neo 2 boards. I have an A8V r 2.0 deluxe. Its one of the best and smoothest running mobo's i've ever used(have used Abit, Asus, MSI and gigabyte). But its haveing problems with the winchester cores. I guess its fairly common on a certain stepping of the winnie cores, but the AGP/PCI lock causes the system to not boot at all. I have to clear the cmos and then it says ocing failed. ITs not the mem, cpu, voltage etc.. as i have tested each individually for at least 10 hours on Prim 95, super pi etc.. If asus resolves this issue, then i'd reccomend it, but currently i'd say go with msi for best ocing as nforce3's are much better ocers.