A8V-Deluxe R2, 3200 winnnie hangs when useing AGP/PCI lock.

Apr 1, 2004
Apparently my a8v has an issue with my cpu or something. I can oc to 2.5~2.6 on stock cooler no problem(except i have to use a divider because of the pissy via crap set), but other than that it oc's ok. Anyhow when i use the AGP/PCI lock the system will some times hang when booting, all the power is on, fans running and everything. A simple press of the power button gets it to boot, but then it says failed oc, BS, i can run prime 95 for 12 hours straight and that program has known issues with the winchesters. Is this a BIOS issue related to the winchester cores? Or is my mobo fudged up? I have the newest 1009 BIOS, and i've tryed the beta 1010, but neither fix it. This really pisses me off, i have a pretty decent system and the cpu ocs pretty good but i can't cause the mobo is pmsing. Does anybody know of a fix or if asus is even fixing the problem? I'd really really not want to have to replace the whole mobo because of a bios glitch(cause their newest doesn't work right so i can't flash to a working one!!). One more question not related, what's the best air cooler i can get for my 6800 GT? Preferrably one that is NOT louder than the stock cooler, as puny as it is.