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Sep 24, 2001
We don't really have one of these.
I've been spending a lot more of my time in the video world recently. I still have been working on portraits and stuff, but I just haven't had the want to put anything up recently.

Anyway, I relatively recently got my first drone to compliment my video work (I have basically taken zero stills with this thing). So I'm working on my piloting skills as I study for the FAA Part 107. With that, here's some short clip videos of me droning.

Here's my second ever test flight with a drone. (If this one is slightly boring, I get it, it was more proof of concept for myself. They get more interesting quick).

Some work a short time later.

Stuff from last week.

I have some more drone work that I'm working on now. One longer project that I still need a few more days of flight time on, to complete. Another shortie that I flew yesterday. And another that I'll hopefully do either tomorrow or Tuesday. Editing this stuff obviously takes more time than shooting it.


Anyway, in this thread feel free to talk about and show video projects you've worked on in 2017. From super shorts like the above (which were designed for Instagrams 1 minute video limit), to commercials, to video shorts, to full films. Whatever you got.

I'd love to hear your processes in terms of pre-production, story boarding, location scouting, all the way through to the edit, color correction, and grading. If you're doing travel stuff or otherwise running and gunning, it'll be interesting to hear about that too.
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