A small datacenter build and other projects

Hey folks!

Long time, no update. I have since left the company that I built the infrastructure for shown previously in this thread. It was a hard decision, but in the end it was time for me to move on to my next challenge.

One of my last large projects was building this system.

It's a 10 node, 240 core, 2.5TB ram, cluster with 1.8PB RAW ZFS based storage.
Lot's of hard drives...

My systems engineer insisted we take this picture, finished installation at the customer site.

Don't ask why, but at the time we felt it appropriate to light the cabinets blue, haha.
Oh and if anyone likes spaghetti, here's their core.




I'm working on some awesome projects at the new job, but I have not checked with the CIO if I can post pictures. If so, I'll start a new thread.
That's one serious cluster.

P.S. That sucks you had to leave that place, but work environments change sometimes for the worst. But you have a tone of great knowledge and a nice catalog of work results to move on.

Any looking forward the creation of the next thread.:D