a sad 3700+


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 3, 2001
i know oc'ing isng guaranteed... so dont fill me with that horse shit.

anyway.. this 3700 is pathetic.. a 170mhz oc? is that even worth it?
please tell what Motherboard, HS/F, ram, and core on the CPU.
ada3700aep5ar caa2c 0521epmw
zalman 7700cu
vcore is at 1.62 thats all i can get. load temp is 47c/116f
If the core marking you gave is correct, that's a 3700+ Clawhammer.
You won't be able to get too much of an OC out of that beast (on average 2.6-2.7GHz) without pushing insane voltages.
Mine purrs along at 2.6GHz but gets a little hot under the collar under load (50-55C), even with an aluminum XP-90 :

what vcore?

and no i wont sell it, i just dropped $200 into it.
yeah... not a whole lot of options on 754. and this board doesnt do well with mobiles. but you knew that didnt u?
Still pretty fast, even at stock speeds. Got mine purring right along at 2.6. Won't go one bit higher though.