9th Annual BOINC Pentathlon 2018 Strategy & Preparation

Would like to hear more from the rest if we all should just focus on NumberFields. We have to work as much as possible as a team... Edit:... and one GPU project to run too.

I'm ok with NumberFields as we can catch up on FB top spot and possibly a medal (wishful thinking) in pentathlon.

Might run smaller on other events.
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We're not going to score very high if we just focus on one project. Same thing as I said last year. We wouldn't have been anywhere near 12th overall place if we just focused on the marathon and we wouldn't have got a medal in the marathon either. Getting top 3 in the marathon is probably not going to happen, even with me recruiting every one I recruited in WCG for this past christmas race.

With that said. I am loading up Universe@home on my boxes as they complete the 384 tasks limit that's on Numberfields@home. one of my 4P, 48 core boxes has 45 Numberfield@home tasks left to complete. So I am loading up on Universe right now on it. I already have 455 tasks on that rig.
can anyone confirm if universe runs on nvidia cards? if so i can keep cpu's crunching NF and put my GPU on universe. preferences say "AMD video cards"
There usually is at least one GPU project. Last year I had a similar issue before I had my fleet of 4P boxes. I had mostly GPUs and couldn't use any of them for majority of the projects.
Yeah...there will be one sprint supporting GPU. And then IF Asteroids is selected for a CPU event, you could use them there. Though they aren't much better than a CPU at that project...
I am forecasting that the City Run (3 days) will be Rosetta@home again like it was 2 years ago. I would be shocked if it didn't get the most votes. Technically two GPU projects could get chosen still but I'm betting it will be a "GPU project" and Asteroids@home. Just my predictions. I would love to see Amicable Numbers be chosen given the newfound advantage miner boxes appear to have there.
Linux rigs have a significant edge over Windows on Universe, so I'm going to target that after the initial bunker drops tomorrow.
I am betting that SETI becomes the GPU project. Being that 2 of the strongest competitors are SETI teams. This project would also be easy for people to start bunkering for now if they wanted to set up several clients because the deadlines are like a month long. The downside to waiting for it to be announced is that it can take up to a month or longer for some work units to get validated....
Agree with your predictions Gil. I'm going to run Seti on my GPUs at every opportunity so that the validation pending bucket reaches saturation prior to the event being called. I still hope it's Amicable Numbers though.

Universe now has BHD tasks. Anyone that has any room left in their bunker should fill up on these as they take half the time of BHSpin for the same credits.
My "home time" has been drastically consumed. I don't want to get into details, but my bunkering will be limited as I don't even really have 5 minutes to sit down and tweak things. If I get more time later I may try adding extra clients to bunker more GPU tasks...but I cannot even guarantee that. Really bad timing for me... :(
I grabed about 500 SETI tasks just now. Suspending them soon as BOINCTasks stops tripping.

Also grabbed some AmicableNumbers and Rosetta tasks.
Well... Rosetta shouldn't matter much. I believe it doesn't need wingmen and should have time before the start to bunker up on it.
I also recommend - Once Rosetta is announced to make sure your settings are set for running 24 hour work units when bunkering..then when go time starts, switch the duration factor to the minimum which is 1 hour. The 24 hour work units provide better science but the 1 hour work units means you are sending work back quicker and less likely for the project to go down and lose any work in progress. And, increases chances of completed/returned work in the last minutes of the event.
So should i wait any longer to drop bunker or let it rip now?

Edit: too late. can't contain myself. bombs away!
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Boom goes the bombs.

Not sure how many of those systems I'll get online. Unboxed all of them on my own and that seriously took it out of me. Each box was ~60lbs and there were eleven of the damn things. Was running all over the damn building due to them being left at my desk, too. Will try to get a few of the 2P-5118's online though... before my wife starts yelling at me to come home. :p
so another bunker from you will report in 4 minutes. holy hell! and we still got phoenicis to drop his bunker as well
I moved another rig to universe. Its killing our position.
We are doing very well on the Marathon; while drowning a bit in the swimming pool. Will switch over some more of my CPUs to Universe; short runtime; main problem is the wingman needed.

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 14.16.29.png

PS: seems Skillz was faster pressing ENTER ... but same thoughts.
Yes, I have a lot waiting for validation. Gonna hit them early because if we decide late to give it a run it'll be too late.
Added five systems to the Marathon. This was a bit of a PITFA; especially with #3 (the middle child) giving me more shit than the others.

Think kind thoughts to my wife and son for tolerating me being at work doing my 'geek thing until this late!

BTW, no idea how long I'll have these... so enjoy them while they last. ;)

Thank you so much.

Toss a system on universe. Please?
Wow .... 3rd overall! We're doing so much better than last year. Fantastic job all!

so another bunker from you will report in 4 minutes. holy hell! and we still got phoenicis to drop his bunker as well

Well the BHD Universe idea was not such a great one after all. Quite a few errors still on that app and it took forever uploading over a thousand 25 Meg result files this morning before I could switch back to Linux,

Bagged about 2 Mil points on Numberfields but only 500K on Universe with most the tasks pending validation.

Think kind thoughts to my wife and son for tolerating me being at work doing my 'geek thing until this late!View attachment 71359

Kudos fastgeek. It's this kind of dedication that will see us in good shape for this challenge.
atp1916 i know these projects don't utilize your GPU army, but you do have a nice little collection of i7 CPUs you could be crunching on until one is announced. :p

Toss something on Universe@home