802.11g and Linux

Add it to your kernel. 2.4.22 has support so I'd imagine anything above has support. Slack 9.0 uses 2.4.22. If you want, you can use swaret to get the 2.6.# kernel. Most people report having to use linuxant drivers for wifi cards, but there are some cards that have native drivers. Check around proxim I think has native drivers, but I'm still using an 802.11b.
are you sure that 2.4.22 has it? i used to use slack 9, but it wouldnt work...
Oops, I think rayman is right. I checked my laptop and I have updated to 2.6

Not sure if I had the wireless card before the 2.6 kernel or not. In either make, make sure to compile it into the kernel or verify that it is already there.