770 works fine, not seeing 650 for physx


Limp Gawd
Aug 4, 2004
Rig build is in sig. I just bought the 770. When I 1st installed it, I was able to see the 650 Ti boost and select as PhysX. However, when I did a clean install of the new WHQL drivers, I haven't been able to see the 650 since. All 3 Dell 2405s run in surround on the 770 thru DVI, DVI and DP > passive DP to DVI input. Only thing I haven't tried, is reseating the card, but why would it see it once and then not after without moving it?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Happy to add any info or screen shots needed.
Thread can be closed, turned out to be the card. This presents a whole host of issues, as the good card I am returning tomorrow, and now the card I was planning on using for physx has to be RMA'd. So after all that I', still out a physx card for a while.
Why are you returning the good card for? As I gather the 650 was bad and needed to be rma'd. Perhaps buyers remorse maybe?