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Jan 8, 2001
Company I work for is looking for a few 6 to 10 second custom animation clips to put out on a LED sign. The ratio is 72x126. The LED sign manufacturer suggests any video animations be 5 to 10 times larger but so that they shrink down to the 72x126. I can send you an example.

Looking for high quality work. The custom one we had done previously is in .wmv format but I'm fairly certain one can use whatever animation tools (including Adobe flash) and then convert it into an .avi, .mpg, .wmv, etc.

Anyway, PM me some links of examples you have done in the past and a $ rate. Few extra bucks in your back pocket. :) I can explain what we are looking for once I see some examples of stuff you have done in the past.

Need a few 6 to 10 second animations to put on a big LED sign at 72x126 :)

Side note: I realize this may not be the best place to post this, and I am fully aware of all of the freelancer websites, but I would rather support someone on [H] to earn some extra money than a random person on a freelance site.
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Jul 10, 2005
Might be the part where you explain what you want AFTER finding someone. Not to sound grumpy, but that's a bit like asking you to promise you won't get mad if I tell you something. ;-)