6800+watercooling OR 6800GT+air cooling


Jun 18, 2004
I've got about 450 bucks to spend. I would like to invest in some watercooling but the ole Ti4400 is showing its age as well. I'm also running a 1700+ at 2400+ speed but I know it will go further with good cooling. Also with danger den coming out with a 6800 series waterblock soon watercooling becomes even more tempting. But the 6800GT runs circles around the 6800 and beats the X800pro 80% of the time from what I've seen. So here is the problem as it stands:

Spend 300 on the 6800 and about 150 for wc with potential for the 6800 waterblock from danger den down the road.


Spend the 400 on a 6800GT and maybe buy a better HSF for the ole 1700+

Right now I'm leaning toward the 1st option because I get 2 advantages and only one disadvantage. The 2 advantages are that I get more cooling and a quieter PC and more horsepower to feed the 6800 by speeding up the 1700+. Disadvantage is obviously that there won't be a GT in my case. :(

You guys can look at my sig to see the rest of my rig that I'm working with currently.

What do you guys think?
for $450 just get a new proc, such as a mobile 2400+, and a 6800GT
or get a 6800NU, a mobile 2400+, and a really really good aircooling system or maybe a new case.
Dont short yourself the extra 4 pipelines... 6800=12/GT=16

The mobile XP's overclock really well.

Better cooling can be added later...
Watercooling not worth it.

The far superior 6800 GT would beat the crap out of the 6800 plain on watercool OC.