650 Ti is Out

I probably should have waited for this instead of the 660. Free game would have been nice!
Just pre-ordered the 1GB SC version from Amazon. Sending back the GTX 650 and GT 640. I figure the GTX 650 Ti is about the same price as a GT 640 after you consider the game (may sell the game too since I don't really like that series)...so why not...3x the CUDA cores.

Went for overnight shipping so I'm hoping I will have it in the next couple of days. No indication on their page that Ass Creed III is included but I'm sure I'll be fine. EVGA's site says any purchase after 10/9 while supplies last...doubt they're out already. :)
I must admit I'm a bit behind on my newer GPU architecture. What is up with AMD reducing drastically the number of shaders/cores/whatever and Nvidia increasing drastically? I thought it used to be about 4 AMD/ATI cores were equal to about one CUDA core, but is that evening out a bit now?
Sinclair, The GT650ti seems on par with the HD7850 (the Radeon being slightly faster)...
I used the Metro2033 benchmark on my own system to check...
The GT650ti had 768 Cores to the HD7850's 1024 Cores...
So it's 3 Cuda Cores to every 4 Radeon Cores when comparing the 6xx series to the HD7xxx series cards... This could change with the up coming HD8xxx cards...
EVGA doesn't even list the puny 128 bit memory interface specification. :D

Seems awfully over priced to me.
It's a hair slower than the Radeon 7850 and costs less. Seems to be priced just right.

HD7850 comes standard with 2GB of vram and double the size of memory interface at 256mb.

650ti is substantially less card than HD 7850 and HD 7850s can be found for cheap with MIR and hot deals right now.
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The 650ti is the normal Nvidia dumbdown... If it Used GDDR5 and 256bit or higher memory bus it'd be a Much faster card... The GT640 was done the same way...
An HD7850 is a better deal in my Thoughts... 2GB DDR and 256 bit memory bus... It can be had for $200 now...
I read a couple reviews. Sounds like my HD6870 is still a better deal at that price range, minus the obvious lack of PhysX support.
I'm sending my GTX 650 back to Newegg and getting this card as my dedicated PhysX card.
I'm sending my GTX 650 back to Newegg and getting this card as my dedicated PhysX card.

Probably not a bad idea. When you count in the free game, they are nearly evenly priced.

I waffled on the issue of ordering one myself, finally deciding to go ahead and make the purchase. A GTX 660 seems to be too much when paired with a GTX 680, but a 650 Ti should be just right. Makes me sound like Goldilocks... :rolleyes:

Going to put my 660 in the other computer and use the 460 as a dedicated card. I'm hoping that will let me run 1920x1080 with high PhysX on that computer that way.
What's interesting to me is the GTX 650 Ti is essentially a GTX 680 cut in half when you look at the numbers in GPU-Z - check it:

(click to enlarge)

(yes, I know that's a GTX 690 but we all know they're basically two GTX 680s on one card)
I ordered one to use as a dedicated physx card. I should get it on Monday.

I am hoping that it is way overkill for now so that it'll be a bit future proof.
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