5800x for $265


Limp Gawd
Aug 28, 2021
So it is for a used unit at tisk.com. Now, I know nothing about tisk.com. If legit, it would be tempting to grab one...as far as I can tell, tisk is legit, but I have no experience. If they are known to be fraud, let me know so I can delete it before someone gets hosed.

Tisk itself if legit. $265 seems like a good price but considering you can get a new one for around $300 I'm not sure I'd do it.
Good to know it is legit. I checked on ebay, and $265 is good, but not HOT. more like warm.
Hey guys,

I'm one of the founders of Tisk - was happy to see us pop up on here.
We are indeed legit, even if we're kinda new in the landscape.

I can answer any questions you have... down to the individual CPU (we benchmark every SKU).
Welcome to the community Sphoenix. Always nice to see new competitors to the market, especially when they engage with their clients.