5770+geforce gt610 for physx


Jun 3, 2004
so i just read about this and i figured id give it a shot. a guy at the local microcenter recommended it allegedly he said its possible to run hybrid physx using an ati card on eyefinity and a geforce card with a physx engine in order to render nvidia's physx engine... well hows this done?
a gt610 is too slow for demanding physx. in newer games your cpu would do just as good a job if not better if its a modern i5 or i7. also your gpu is way too slow for games on eyefinty setup anyway so using physx is probably last thing to be worried about.
RETURN THE 610radiator and kick the sales rep in the sac
and if this is still your rig then again phyx is the least of your concerns.

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You're 5770 isn't fast enough to play games with max settings in the first place (unless you are at 720p or something). Upgrade your GPU or monitor first then worry about physics.

RETURN THE 610radiator and kick the sales rep in the sac

A more eloquent take on the same idea. :)
lol far past that now. upgraded.

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i have a 3rd pci-e slot open should i slap a phyx card in it?
Slow gpu for phys X will slow the whole system down instead of making it faster
I'm pretty sure 48cores are faster than his 8350cpu, try it in FluidMark! But take it out when you stop playing PhysX games.