50" touch capable commercial shop display


Oct 23, 2003
Search didn't turn up much with the word 'touch' and I've never dealt with this size touch device. Looking for some equipment at work to display Tableau style charts. Boss says to let him know what I find. 500 sorta company.

The use will primarily be static chart presentation with infrequent interaction. Probably be powered on 18 hours a day, in a well lit shop floor. Does any manufacturer have notably performant displays for this? My thoughts are to narrow choices with durability, high brightness, and view angle in mind. The less smart the better, for security. Probably have a small pc attached.

Also this place is very 'murican. Unions, bald eagles, and airplane parts.

Any recommendations or food for thought would be appreciated
NEC commercial touch displays. They are high quality, have touch in large sizes, can be outdoor rated, but they cost a pretty penny.
We have a 42 in ELO Touch monitor that displays/updates of one of our production/delivery schedule.

They show a 55 in model


Ours runs off a little NUC type computer, it gets scrolled through dozens of times a day with fingers of varying cleanliness. It's set to go dark after a few minutes of inactivity but wakes up with a touch, and there's a wireless keyboard in a room nearby to run the computer functions now and then - updates, maintenance type stuff, but almost all interaction is via touch.

Look for open frames instead of monitors.
That's a good lead to follow up on. I'll do some reading on these elo offerings and some NEC ones.
Planar is the one we use at work in our command truck. It's a 50 inch 4K model that the response manager uses for CCC.


You can either use an external NUC or something to drive it or get a Intel OPS system and just slide it in.

I haven't tried gaming on it yet.....I'm only in it when we are deployed or running an exercise.