$50 Gaming Laptop Recommendations


Jan 7, 2019

I would like to play some old games such as Team Fortress Classic, Far Cry 1, and Counter Strike. Back in 2004-ish, I played these games on a Dell D800 and was thinking of buying one from Ebay for ~$50. I would prefer not to spend more than that.

Should I consider any other models besides the D800 and D810? Unfortunately the D820 and D830 suffered from graphics failure according to this source

Thank you!
Could probably find a ThinkPad T400 or T410 with a Core processor for about that much if you're fast on the bids/purchase actions, or perhaps a Latitude E6400 with an Nvidia GPU it in for something in the same price range. There are a lot of sub-$100 laptops out there that can game fairly well but a discrete GPU (Nvidia, ATI/AMD) would be of course preferred in such situations, but $50 is a bit too lean on the moolah to get anything actually good unless you get extremely lucky. In such instances, you may discover the laptop has other issues the seller didn't mention of various kinds.

But $50 is kinda low to get something with a proper discrete GPU in it, even 10+ year old laptop.
Thank you for the quick reply. There are quite a few Dell E6500 laptops available on Ebay within my price range but I'm not sure if the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M or Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics card will perform well since it's considered a business graphics adapter. Any thoughts on that ? I'd hate to buy it and find out the gaming performance is poor.