4K TV & RX460 HDMI dropouts


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Sep 18, 2005
I have an old 23" i-INC 1080 monitor over DVI that ran fine for years on many machines but its backlight is flickering and needs to be replaced. Time to upgrade... So, lets go 4K...

I have an MSI RX460 4GB card, and a new LG 43" UJ6300 4K tv I'm trying to use as a primary monitor over HDMI. While it works at 4096 x 2160, I run it at the "recommended" 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz. On occasion, the display will randomly and completely drop out and doesn't matter what I'm doing, I cannot get it to come back. I have to blindly reboot my computer then it comes back until it drops out again. Yesterday it behaved and didn't dropout until late at night. Its dropped out 3 times in 30 minutes. I've since tried another cable since the first one was "old". When I went to bed last night, I shut off the TV/monitor and went to bed. This morning, I hit the power button on my TV and got "no input". I had to power cycle the machine. I have rebooted more times in the last 4 days than I have since last summer.

Are there additional settings elsewhere that I can adjust, or is this TV a bust as a monitor? If its a bust, I'm looking for recommendations for soemthing 40-46" thats not insanely expensive. Uunder 500 USD.
• Windows7 64bit
• Latest video driver (23.20.15017.3010)
• TV is up to date (WebOS 4.70.25)
• All energy saving crap is turned off in Control Panel -> Power (custom plan)
• I do have a screensaver start after 10 minutes
• All energy saving crap is turned off on the TV.
• I've tried a factory restore on the TV as well.
Usually dropouts are caused by bad / too long cables. But it's strange that it doesn't come back, so maybe it's something else.

Go to rtings.com and check the reviews. Sony and Samsung are the most reliable brands for PC use.
Thanks for the replies. I think its less to do with the cables, and more between the devices... The first cable was an old DISH cable that was 9 feet. The 2nd one was a PS4 cable that was 6 feet (as of the original post). I'm now using another one that's 4 feet (as of typing this reply), and much newer (bought a few weeks ago).

I checked the site, and it even seems my current set has a favorable score for PC use... But it looks like I'll probably be returning it. Maybe my RX460 card is crap also. My alternative is the integrated HD video which is not an option as some of my stuff runs abysmally on it at even 1080.

After some more research, there is a mode "Ultra HD Deep Color" that was disabled on the TV. I only had one option in the Radeon control panel on my computer for "pixel format" 4:2:0 and after enabling deep color on the TV and rebooting my machine I now have more modes, and now its running at 4:4:4. I doubt this is it, but it definitely improved appearance.
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Woke up this morning, and turning the 'monitor' on, it once again has no input. 3 Cables, 2 drivers, 1 OS image later its not worth the effort. I shouldnt have to reboot my computer to get my monitor turned on. I'm retunring it and saying the hell with 4K and just pay the premium for a dedicated 1080 computer monitor. Wasted time & wasted money yields not results.
4:4:4 also adds bigger bandwidth requirements. HDMI cables for 4K are notoriously flaky, I had to go through several and finally bought a severely overpriced one to get a longer cable that worked with my 980 Ti and Samsung 4K TV.

Check your cable packaging, it should be HDMI High speed certified or else it's a crapshoot if it works properly or not. I tried a number of supposedly HDMI High speed cables that had all kinds of issues like flickering image to missing resolutions, color spaces and refresh rates.

Also check in BIOS which device is set as the first display card. It should be something like PCI-E or PEG and not integrated GPU if you have one.
Yup, GE cable says it was certified. I was getting the dropouts running 4:2:0 on that same cable as well.

Current video card is set as first display card in bios. That's the first thing I do when I install a video card. Verify that setting, and set if needed...
By the way, that LG is a terrible choice for a monitor because it's not even a real 4K display. It's half-4K, fake 4K, simulated 4K, whatever you want to call it.