4k monitor for wife - Blender/Zbrush and light gaming


Limp Gawd
Oct 13, 2012
Hi guys, I'm building my wife a 3d modelling pc and wanted to ask your expertise on the monitor

Asus 32" PG32UQ 4K 144Hz​


ASUS 32" ProArt PA329CV​

the 144hz model is approximately £160 more than the ProArt, but I was wondering if the difference was worth it
She does play some League of Legends and World of Warcraft, but won't be spending a huge amount of time gaming.

I understand the 144hz has excellent colour reproduction.. actually having a lower Delta (less than 1) on a particular setting, vs around 2 delta for the ProArt.
Would I be better off spending the extra money and having an all rounder monitor for her every need?

I'd probably just go for the Gigabyte M32U for a 32" model. Gigabyte M28U or Samsung G70A for 28" model. Both should be a good chunk cheaper than the Asus models and perform similarly.
I guess it could depends on what 3d modelling would be going on for how much color reproduction, dolby-hdr10 support is important here, which could remove some cheaper options than the expensive Asus from the op.
Does it advertise great color reproduction, or have you check actual reviews of it? Many monitors claim X% of RGB space or what ever, but when reviewed often fall short of the claims.