Dec 15, 2016
Hi everyone.
It seems to be that there's quite a few folks here with more in depth knowledge than I can find form typical reviews, so I thought you might be able to help me:

I am looking for a new monitor. My source is a late 2013 retina MacBook pro, which tops out a 3840 @ 60hz. My criteria are 4k (3840 is fine/preferred), at least 99% sRGB, much better would be 99% AdobeRGB, and no dead pixels. I'm been using my laptop screen which does ~117% sRGB and ~70% adobeRGB I believe.If possible, I would like a relatively color and brightness consistent monitor (over the surface of the panel, without huge amounts of backlight bleed.) I think I'm more interested in a traditionally shaped monitor than an ultra wide. This will primarily be used for general computer use and Photo editing. No gaming.

I'm open to glossy or matte as they both have pros/cons to me. Open to sizes 22'' to 32''.

My budget is ~$1,000, but I am willing to go used, refurb, and/or eBay to get that.
Since my computer doesn't have USB-C/Thundebolt 3, I don't think I can use the LG/Apple Ultrafine 4k.

These are the models I've been thinking about:
-Dell 3216Q (used/refurb)
-Dell 2715Q (if this is a good panel other than the color gamut, I might overlook that) New.
-Samsung Samsung U32D970Q (somewhat worried about BRG pixel array on a Mac, dunno if this is still an issue?)
-LG 31MU97 ((amazon reviews are all over the place on this. I would have black bars on it until I upgraded my computer (which I'm okay with))
-BenQ BL3201PH (used or new)

Thanks everyone