4k Advice: PB287Q or BL2711U

Mar 18, 2015
Trying to decide between Benq BL2711U and Asus PB287Q.

Currently have 3 Dell P2210H that are hideous but have been getting the job done for years.

I work primarily in web development but do quite a bit of photography and some video. A little gaming when I can - definitely fall into the category of following and reading about gaming more than playing...

Machine is X58A-UD3R / i7 930 @ 2.8 / SSD / AMD 5800 / 24GB DDR3.

Will I be able to run 3 monitors with 4k in the middle and two 1080 on the side or do I need to upgrade GPU? I posted a thread (already a year ago somehow) asking about upgrading to a 970 but never did.

I'm feeling the Benq is a better choice for me with IPS vs TN. I hold HardForum in high regard and appreciate any feedback.

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