4K 120Hz HDMI Switch (Selector): Recommendations Please?

Cannibal Corpse

Sep 22, 2002
Dear all,
I have already purchased TWO different 4K 120Hz switches for my new Sony 55" A80K:

One switch, toggles between 2 PCs with identical video cards RTX 3060Ti.



The other, switches between PS5 / XBOX



The Problem:
Since none of these switches come with a remote control, when I am trying to switch between the 2 PCs, most of the time, I have to get up, and manually switch between the two.

Even worse, usually, the switch defaults to just one of the inputs (Input #1), and does NOT remember the last input, which is really annoying.

I have swapped the 2 different switches, thinking that it might be the name brand that has this anonmaly, but it appears that is NOT the case.

Therefore, I have decided to return one of the switches (the one that connects the 2 PCs, the PS5 / XBOX switch seems to be working OK), and get a switch that has a IR REMOTE CONTROL, so at least I don't have to get up each time that I am switching between the 2 PCs)

I need your opinion as which switch is recommended (a 2 port one would be suffice for my setup, to switch between the 2 PCs)

So far I have found these:




Your insights and recommendations are appreciated in advance!

p.s. One thing that I remembered is the fact both PCs have 13feet and 15feet long HDMI 2.1 4K 120Hz cables, but according to both switches, the maximum supported lenght is around 10feet. Is this the reason why that one of the inputs gets defaulted into?
The weird thing with switches is that once you start looking at the good models, prices start creeping toward the point where you might as well consider an AV receiver. Especially if you're okay with a refurb or open boxed item. At that point you have 4-5 inputs, a remote, and (obviously) a lot more audio functionality.
Check and see what https://www.monoprice.com/ have then see which is cheaper direct from them or amazon.
The sell rebadged stuff like alot of other places but they check that it actually works before offering it.