49 vs 43? Is 49 too big?


Nov 7, 2014
Hello, how are you?

I am looking at a Sony x8305c.
From what I can tell it accepts pc input at 120hz 1080p and does nearest neighbor also.
I am looking at it to use at a desk as both a pc monitor and ps3 and ps4 pro display.

The thing is that the 49 version is cheaper than the 43, due to store promotion.

But I am afraid the 49 might be too big to use at a desk.
My desk is 65cm deep.

What are your thoughts and experiences with 43 vs 49?

I know there are already real pc monitors in 43 size from LG and Philips for example, so it probably is a good size for desktop. But how about 49?

Thank you.
Hello, I'm doing fine, thank you, and you?

How much is the 49'' cheaper? Maybe you can buy a bigger desk for the money that you save.
tbh upgraded from a 40 to 49" and didn't notice a big difference. I think anything beyond 49" will be too big to sit right in front of. Here's a pic of my desk with the 49" Sony 900E on it for scale.
What are you using now?

43" 4K is 100PPI, 49" 4K is about 90PPI.

If you are using a 24" 1080p then it has the same PPI as the 49".

If you are using a 30" 1600p then it has the same PPI as the 43".

Would you be comfortable going higher or lower on PPI?
Even 32" is really pushing it for me, I would prefer 30" and just run higher scaling. High PPI looks nice as well. I prefer sitting closer (about 2-3 feet) so I can enjoy the high PPI and crispness. Really depends on what you're going to use the monitor for.
it comes down to individual tastes...personally I have a dedicated computer monitor and an LG 55" OLED for my TV/Blu-ray/Netflix...I've always thought that 24-27" was my ideal size for a computer monitor...sitting that close to a 49" or even 43" screen would be too much for me
It depends on the view distance. If you have a room where you are able to break away from the bookshelf stuffed against a wall stereotypical desk setup and instead face the desk out from the wall, or at least sit the desk further from a wall, your monitor can be shrunk relative to your perspective by sitting further from it in order to lessen the eye and neck bending effect a very large monitor has.

If you are fine doing tennis head spins (exaggeration) and bird head chameleon eye flicking around to the upper quadrants this might not bother you as much but it's not optimal for most people in the long run. For gaming you could always try running a 21:9 resolution with bars for some games, utilizing the extra width for peripheral immersion more.. and in the case of a 4k screen it would even save you some gpu demand to get a little higher of a frame rate too.

Perceived PPI is also relative to view distance so a very large monitor benefits from being set back further there as well.

I have a 43" 4k I recently added to my array but it's set back in a corner on my left side for a little extra distance. It's mostly for twitch and youtube windows tiled so far , using a real full featured gaming monitor for games (g-sync, 144hz, 1440p = higher frame rates for the hz).
I'll chime in.

First, how old are you? Mid to late 30's? If you're older or constantly strain your eyes then PPI is not really an issue for the simple fact you're not going to have perfect vision anyways. Also, if you're getting a 4K ... PPI is really not an issue. On 2nd thought, you will definitely be able to see the pixels on a 40"+ 1080p display but that's not necessarily a bad thing for some.

There are a lot of guys that are sensitive to PPM, PPI, Light Bleed, etc. Personally, I feel it's guys being over-critical in some/most cases but I'll keep my mouth shut.

I'm a life long gamer and for me I've constantly moved on to larger displays for the wow / gaming / immersion factor over the years. BUT, 49" is as large as I will go, even the first 50" display I had was just too big which makes zero sense since we are talking 1 inch. It is very comfortable for me to view from 2.5+ feet away. I'm on a 30" deep table that I use.

Here is another way to look at it. A lot of guys and I do mean a lot have 2 or 3 monitors on their desks, sometimes a TV in the mix, hung/mounted, etc. What's the different with a 49"? It's just 4 x 19" or 20" monitors put together without bezels right?

I mean, 1 large 49" display is the same distance as 3 x 24" monitors, right? So what's the difference? Large displays gives more screen real-estate and you can pretty much keep your focus centered. With 2 or 3 monitors you have constant left and right neck swing.

Get the 43" or 49" display. I promise you it will grow on you very rapidly and you will never go back to a postage stamp sized 24" display which are incredibly tiny for gaming.

A lot of young bro-gamers are taught that 22" and 24" monitors are what you "have" to buy when PC gaming. They let others do the thinking/deciding for them. Shit, ask yourself why? I would. You can get an incredible 32" 144hz gaming monitor for $300 - $350 off Amazon. Many to choose from. Get out of that mental box your dirty millennial's and go LARGE!

Good luck.

Just for fun - https://www.amazon.com/GN32C-Widescreen-Definition-Freesync-DisplayPort/dp/B01N2QN4YP/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1520508186&sr=8-3&keywords=32"+144hz#customerReviews
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I am 35 years old.
And I wear glasses since I was 4.
I am currently debating between either a 32 inch 1440p 165hz gsync monitor or a nice Panasonic tv with 4k and hdr10 in 43 inches.
Both solutions cost about the same.
I am just trying to decide what would make games more enjoyable. The 165hz or the added size and resolution of the tv.