3D Abstract Art


Jun 21, 2008
One of my oldies but favorite works...

Rhino 3D and V-Ray renderer
Rhino 3d comes with vray?

How did you get vray? 3d studio max and maya only come with mental ray and iray and you have to tons spend extra for vray.
No, V-Ray is not included in Rhino, but none the less there is a plugin available for Rhino. At the time I was modelling this I signed up for the beta program to get free access to the their latest beta version 1.5, plus it helped out that I was a student. Additionally while I was still in Architecture school at the time, the computer lab also had Rhino and V-ray installed on their computers...
able to produce this object in real life using those 3d printer things?

You can actually, but with most 3d printers today, you're limited to the size you want and the high cost to print the sucker. If I ever become rich, I do plan on printing this bad boy.
V-ray lighting looks so much better the glass materials have better reflections.

to bad you cant print glass on 3d printers yet.
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Very cool! I've been looking at the image for a minute now and it still looks like an actual real object to me :)
Very cool! I've been looking at the image for a minute now and it still looks like an actual real object to me :)

Here's a SS of the the basic 3d model itself and some other renders I did when I was bored. Messed around with some subtle reflective black material with depth of field in one image and a carbon fiber material on the other.



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I was reading too much Ender's Game and Game of Thrones, so for some reason this idea of a Space City came to mind...

Some free lance work I've been working on for a client...

very cool

It makes me want to fire up 3dsmax when I get home

how long did the renders take?

Vray is amazing, but on my OC'd Q6600, it could take days to render a scene (depending on quality obviously)
This one only took about 2½ hours, and I'm using 7 year old HP HDX9494NR laptop, so as long as you know how to tweak the settings, you can get really great renderings with little to no hit in quality. The fact that this is a night scene also contributes to the low rendering time, less photons having to be ray traced.
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Updated GI and resolution, with added depth of field effect and lily pads to the water for bonus eye candy I guess...

Man dude that looks incredible. I love how the final renders turn out looking so great. The web-shapred-figure looks nice. Like a wacky jolly rancher.
Thanks :D How about some 3840x1080 pics! mesa like :D

I more than likely won't be able to render up to that resolution without my computer exploding, I can up it in Photoshop if you want? You probably won't notice a difference in pixel density. Lemme know...
Decide to update these to 4k resolution for some of you guys requesting the high res versions so I maxed out the Vray render settings because I got me a new fucking computer and it doesn't take days anymore to get a finished render and did some extra compositing in Photoshop. Be warned they're at least 30-40 megs each, but you want be hard right!


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Is anyone having trouble seeing the images upload? Apparently they're not showing up anymore? Fuck it, I"ll check in the morning.