32 inch UHD IPS panel for color critical work and games


Mar 11, 2017
Hi guys,
I would like to ask the local gurus about a 32+ inch monitor which will be used for a workload of photo retouching and manipulations as well as games. It will be sufficient that the display covers the entire sRGB color space without going into wide-gamut territory and should have a good gamma curve for 6500K. Also the dimming must be DC and not PWM.

I know that this would be kind of a multipurpose display, but I am not a competitive gamer, just gaming for pleasure. So the obvious choice would be an IPS UHD display with decent response time and input lag.
I should clarify that my plans don`t include ulra-wide and I want 16:9 panel.

Can you give some recommendations for particular models? The budget is a bit flexible and I want quality stuff.

I've narrowed the choices down to either the BenQ PD3200U, Samsung LU32H850UMUXEN or LG 32UD99.

The LG isn't available yet but the only technical review is promising albeit slightly higher lag than the BenQ which is the best according to NCX.
The Samsung is a VA but has quantum dots and is a complete unknown apart from unhelpful German reviews of a non-technical nature. I wouldn't risk the Samsung due to the vertical pixel spacing issue on similar models and several review videos demonstrating worse colours on similar quantum dot models compared to IPS.
The only issue with the BenQ is panel uniformity and QC. One half of the screen seems pink, the other yellowish, it still has the intermittent flicker issue from the BL3201PH and the "bruise" in the bottom center.
Thanks for your input, Panmaster. I would choose LG 32UD99 if it ever becomes available... I don`t know what is the matter with this model, it`s being discussed since January, but is still nowhere to be found.
Those blemishes on the BenQ, especially the color tint and the lack of uniformity make me very uncertain about it, although it is a very good panel by AUO.
You are right about the Samsung, there is no information about it, but it will likely be overpriced for what it is and I wouldn`t risk with the color reproduction.

So LG 32UD99 remains the best bet, the HDR functionality is rather questionable, but still the specs are very promising. We will see.
The 32UD99 is available in Korea, it seems. So availability for the rest of the world isn't far off. I'm also waiting for it. The Samsung seems nice on paper, but I believe it's BGR (as per their other 32inch 4k models). IPS is the way to go for color critical work but - you need a good return policy, 'cause most of these large panels exhibit color uniformity issues, in my experience (white color temp variation across screen). I would wait for the LG.
Only $100 cheaper than HDR version? LOL. The so called "HDR for PC" is veeery suspicious.