32" 1440p Monitor or TV for programming and some gaming


Feb 26, 2011
I was happy with my 3x Dell U2412h (16:10 at 1200p) setup for quite a while, but one of the displays is slowly dying(brightness issues).

Looking to replace this setup with a bunch of 32" monitors at 1440p. I want this panel size/resolution because the ppi matches my current setup, and I don't want to deal with scaling issues and small font/text on Linux(poor scaling support).

I prefer IPS, but VA could work too if black crush has been fixed since last I looked(5 years?). Never had 120Hz display, don't think I have a preference on that front, and I don't game much, few hours during the weekend.

Any good displays that satisfy the above?
Depends on your budget and desk space. I'd lean towards a 4K TV just for the real estate and sheer value, but the 32" VA displays are a fine choice.

If you feel OK dropping ~$1k on a monitor, you should look into 120hz Wasabi Mango UHD430 TVs on eBay. 120hz is a little easier on the eyes than 60hz on the desktop, but it's like night and day in games, IMO. It's great for video too, assuming you use SVP to interpolate.