3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

This is a pretty sweet case, you get good airflow, all of your core components are easily accessible, DUST COVERS! I am not big on mesh designs, but, if I were to go with a mesh case this looks like it would be the one.
i like how you can change the leds on the fan, so if your in the mood to change the color you can. and its a nice looking case
The filters are a nice touch. They should come standard in more cases. The modular HDD cage is also nice.
Looks like it would have good cable management and I like the modular hard drive area.
I like the airflow on this case the best, looks like they really thought it through. A lot of cases don't have optimal airflow.
By far the coolest thing about these cases are the sliding spines on the top...want some extra airflow and/or feel the desire to show my friends how F*ing awsome my case is? Yeah, those are spines. NBD. Aoh, the modular HD rack is pretty badass too
The independent fan controls are a nice touch, and while it may not be a 'feature' as such, I dig the aesthetics of the case.
I like the monolithic, yet aggressive design. Plus with all those fans, it should be good to keep your overclocked rig cool!
Cutouts for cable management and dust filters. Would be a great HPC/server case if they offered hot swaps for the bays as options.
Cable management, plenty of cooling, and the drive bays I like....

I could certainly make a home for one :D
Dust filters and airflow. Airflow is necessary, and clean air is a must, looks like this combines both nicely.
Quick release sides and expansion card thumbscrews. Oh, the dust filters are nice, my chinchilla spreads dust everywhere.
The giant side fan and the top accessory tray are a nice touch. I use a fan controller on my pc and usually just keep only the side fan on for ultra quiet operation. Thanks for the giveaway.