3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

The flip-open Smart-Release front is what caught my eye first!

Cable management, airflow, common sense installation of everything without the need for a third hand.
the fan layout, support for dual water cooling loops, the hard drive cages and removeable top cover for the top fans. basically everything!!!
I like the 4-in-3 drive bays for the flexibility, and the front USB 3.0 port.
The stinkin smart release system sounds awesome...meanwhile I'm sitting here undoing 18 bajillion thumb screws :mad:
Im a HDD junky and this thing is one of the top 10 cases for throwing HDD's in like its nothing. In for two :D
(Hopefully?) Large enough open back area of the mobo tray to install backplates without removing the whole board.
Really like the design of the front panel. Glad to have cases with good dust filters that can also LOOK good. :)
(and I hope I get lucky and win since I've never won a lottery, lol :(
Clean internal design, good cable management, and a big, honkin' fan on the side. :D
I like the dust protection and looks like a lot of easy access, plus I like that look for cases.
Looks pretty good, reminds me of a stealth bomber. I also really like the red fans. Blue fans are for wimps, red is where it's at.