3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

The look and design of that case is sick! and set up for water cooling. I think i'm actually gona buy one of these.
I really like the bottom mounted PSU, that really should be standard now-a-days.
I really like thumbscrews... particularly after having to fish a regular screw (for the fifth time!) from under an array of tied off cables
I honestly don't see anything I don't like! But if I had to pick one, I'd say the the dust filters!
I Dig the flexibility in the HDD's. One of my pet peeves is wasted shit in a case & being able to pull out what your not using thus increasing the clean appearance as well as airflow is a big bonus for me.
The HD cage seems cool, no wasting of 5.25 bay space for wc!
From the information provided; It seems to have been well designed; from airflow ,to the increased interior space. the quick release / modular drivebays and thumbscrews for addin cards are a nice ease of use extra.
Dust filters, USB 3.0, and having the PSU on the bottom are some nice features for me. :)
What I'm liking best is something my current case also does really well with and was even featured today on [H]: cable management. It looks like this case would do pretty well and that's becoming pretty important these days (especially for those of us with tons of drives+multiple GPUs)
The features I like the most are:

1. Modular hdd cages
2. Dust filters
3. Great airflow
4. Cable management
5. Flip open design to make maintenance easier
6. It just looks really sweet as well
Plenty of options for the end consumer. Many of the cases I've owned were great for either a high end air cooling solution or strictly a hacked up version of a water cooling solution. This case offers the best of both worlds.. mainly OPTIONS! Plenty of room for parts, hard drives, fans, radiator(s), mesh screening and it's over all aggressive appearance! I've modded many cases (probably over 50+ cases) over the years and I see little to NO reason to mod this case at all!