3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

What I like Best about the SpineRex is the Flip Open feature and the Harddrive Cages
Like the slide cover as well as the added security for video cards. Also really like the design as well as the arrmor-esque design on the side. Gives the case a sleak look.
My favorite features about the SpinRex are the insane number of fan locations, the unique top slide cover, and the size for expansion.
The best feature of the Enermax SpineRex Chassis is the spacious interior. I've often found many tower cases have poorly designed interiors and are difficult to work on. The Enermax SpineRex is very well laid out and has 12 plus inches of room for EATX motherboards and long video cards but doesn't cramp the drive bays. Very well designed.
I like this feature the best:
Bottom mounted PSU slot with rubber stands and dust filter supports two orientations

My current case does not have any dust filters, and it gets REAL dusty, real fast!
I like the top-slide function, I'm surprised more manufacturer's haven't already incorporated this.
I like the flip open design...would make it really easy to get in and make any changes necessary...
I like the Bottom mounted PSU slot with rubber stands and dust filter supports two orientations
Dust filters on all the intakes is definitely something I like to see in a case.
This case has a lot to like. Cooling potential is my favorite feature, fan placement is excellent. I also like the black interior and the roomy modular design.
i love the Independent light controls for front and side color-changeable fans, and just the overall features of the case.
I'm a HUGE fan of the cable management features. This is my biggest problem when building, so it would be wonderful to have a case that made it easy for me.
I like the way the ventilation is set up, it looks to have a great thermal blueprint once you get all of your components and fans in.
It actually looks nice. It doesn't make my eyes bleed like a lot of the newer chassis do!